Run-time UDP messages

Technical details:
  • UDP port : 21571 (0x5443)
  • Broadcast is supported.
  • There are no responses.
Defined commands:

ltc!start        Starts the TimeCode increments from start_*  (see configuration)

ltc!stop         Stops the TimeCode increments. The TimeCode is still outputting.

ltc!resume      Continue the TimeCode increments from the 'stop' command.

ltc!start#hh:mm:ss.ff    Sets the start TimeCode.

ltc!stop#hh:mm:ss.ff     Sets the stop TimeCode.

ltc!start!hh:mm:ss.ff    Set the running TimeCode.


    echo 'ltc!start' > /dev/udp/
    echo 'ltc!start#01:00:00.00' > /dev/udp/

Using the sample Java UI; with the "Section" button's the 'ltc!start!hh:mm:ss.ff' commands are send.