Run-time OSC messages

Technical details:
  • UDP port default : 8000 (0x1F40). See configuration ltc.txt
  • There are no responses.
  • Broadcast is supported
Prefix : /<host-name>/tc/

start        Starts the TimeCode increments from start_*  (see configuration)
stop         Stops the TimeCode increments. The TimeCode is still outputting.
resume      Continue the TimeCode increments from the 'stop' command.

start/set/hh/mm/ss/ff    Sets the start TimeCode. Activated after a Stop / Start.
stop/set/hh/mm/ss/ff     Sets the stop TimeCode.
rate/set/rr              Sets the rate of the TimeCode. Valid values: 24, 25, 29 and 30.

start/hh/mm/ss/ff             Set the running TimeCode
goto/hh/mm/ss/ff              Set and jump to the goto TimeCode, but stop the TimeCode incrementing/decrementing.

direction/..                            Sets the direction. Valid values: forward and backward
pitch float                              Sets the pitch. Valid values -1.0 <= float => 1.0

forward int                              Skip the TimeCode in seconds. Positive values only.
backward int                            Skip the TimeCode in seconds. Positive values only. 


oscsend 8000 /allwinner_26038E/tc/start/set/10/00/00/00

oscsend 8000 /allwinner_26038E/tc/pitch f 0.5