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MIDI board

This MIDI board is designed for 3V3 UART logic. The shrouded header is designed for use with the LTC board (link here....). However, when a standard pin-header (angled) is used, then there are the following connections:

Orange Pi Zero / One GPIO header
 3V3 PIN 1  PIN 2
  PIN 4
    PIN 6
 UART_TX PIN 13    

The AutoCad Eagle source files including the Gerbers are available here ->

Qty  Value     Device    Package      Parts
1    10K       Resistor  0204/5       R6
5    220       Resistor  0204/5       R1, R2, R3, R4, R5
3    470       Resistor  0204/5       R7, R8, R9
1    5V        LED       LED3MM       LED1
1    RX        LED       LED3MM       LED2
1    TX        LED       LED3MM       LED3
1    1N914     Diode     D-5          D1
1    MIDI-IN   DIN5      DIN5-RA-PTH  J3
1    MIDI-OUT  DIN5      DIN5-RA-PTH  J2
1    MIDI-THRU DIN5      DIN5-RA-PTH  J1
1    OPi       Connector 2X3-SHROUDED J4
2    100nF     Capacitor C050-024X044 C1, C2
1    74HCT04   74HCT04N  DIL14        IC1
1    6N137     6N137     DIL08        OPTO